1. Job Postings- Online, phone call, fax, email, in-person
  2. Applicant screening and referral to business specifications
  3. Customized Recruitment
  4. Job Fairs and Hiring Events
  5. Provision of Labor Market Information
  6. Interviewing Space, Scheduling
  7. Provision of Information and referral related to:
    • Tax Credits
    • Community Resources
    • Federal Bonding
    • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
    • Veterans Services
  8. Incumbent Worker training (as funds are available)
  9. On-the-job training
  10. Customized Training
  11. Information on Unemployment Insurance (UI)
  12. Transition Services for laid off workers
  13. Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) information and services
  14. Veterans Employment Services
  15. Apprenticeship connections
  16. Access to WIN Testing
  17. WorkKeys Job Profiling Services
  18. Labor Market Information Sharing
  19. Database of Ready to Work Career Readiness Assessment tested applicants
  20. Rehab Technology
  21. Comprehensive Evaluations
  22. In-patient Substance Abuse Treatment
  23. Job Readiness Training
  24. Expungement Education Services
  25. Hearing Impairment Services
  26. Job Accommodation for the Visually Impaired
  27. Vocational Assessments and Career Guidance
  28. Outsourcing Contracts

Menu of Available Business Services