Hot Jobs for Edgefield & Saluda Counties for the Week of: August 8, 2018

Job Title



How to Apply


Ward, SC Not specified

Apply in Person:

Valley Proteins
271 Valpro Rd, Ward, SC 29166

Cash Analyst

Edgefield, SC Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or equivalent number of years experience Apply Online

Manager of Technical Services

Edgefield, SC Microsoft certification or 4+ years of experience as Windows Systems Admin

Apply Online


Saluda, SC Not specified Apply in Person:

Roya Foods
782 Columbia Hwy, Saluda, SC 29138

Parts Specialist

Johnston, SC Experience in childcare field

Apply at Carolina Machine Engines, 171 Lee St, Johnston, SC 29832. Call John at 803-430-4000

Use caution when communicating with potential employers and be on the lookout for scams. For more information, visit and click on “Protect Yourself Against Online Scams and Identity Theft”.

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